Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy & Animal Assisted Therapy

As a lifelong lover of animals, Angela has personally experienced the healing nature of animals. In fact, she credits her first dog with helping her find purpose and hope at a time in her early life when she was struggling to find either. As a result, she frequently has one of her dogs in the office. The dogs may be directly part of a session, or they might simply be present and having a nap while you go about your therapy session.

Angela also brings the power of the human-horse connection to her work and offers Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy at her property outside of Whitehorse. Angela has completed recognized training in this practice and although this is still a developing area of therapy, more and more mental health professionals and individuals seeking therapy are experiencing the benefits of healing with horses.

Angela’s view of the horse is as a sentient being, a partner and co-therapist in the equine facilitated therapy relationship and process. These animals have incredible gifts to offer in that they have their own perceptions and emotions, and can attune to the presence and feelings of others. Through their remarkable sensitivity, perceptiveness, and authenticity, horses offer valuable feedback and information to clients. 

Horses also support us to be in the present moment, to be mindful. Spending time with animals is an invitation to step out of our head and into the now; to experience ourselves as a human being rather than a human doing. 

Being outdoors with horses also supports connecting to the natural world and includes elements of ecological psychology.

Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy is beneficial for a wide variety of individuals with a wide range of challenges; however, clients who may particularly benefit from this form of therapy include:

  • Individuals with attachment struggles
  • Individuals who have been experienced trauma, violence, or abuse
  • Individuals seeking personal development 
  • Individuals who are not responsive to “in the office” therapy approaches
  • Individuals who are interested in animals and the natural world (and just prefer to be outside!)

Angela will integrate other therapy approaches (i.e., Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness) into equine therapy sessions. Her horses live on her property and, along with her dogs, are an integral part of her family.